National Health & Medical Research Council    Early Intervention for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, 2016-2018 ($675,000)

National Health & Medical Research Council   Optimising mental health and quality of life for Australia’s military personnel and veterans with PTSD, 2016-2018 ($728,000) with Phoenix Australia

National Health & Medical Research Council  Translational model for posttraumatic mental health, 2015-2019 ($10,457,000)

Australian Research Council Linkage Grant   Building Economic Development Through Psychosocial Intervention 2013-2015 ($635, 000)

National Health & Medical Research Council   Enhancing Indigenous mental health  2013-2015 ($1,510,000)

National Health & Medical Research Council  Augmenting treatment for prolonged grief disorder 2013-2015 ($442,000)

Australian Research Council Linkage Grant   The neural effects of torture 2012-2014 ($567,000)

Australian Research Council Discovery Grant  The causes of intrusive memories 2011-2013 ($216,000)


Australian Research Council               A model of Aboriginal child mental health

Laureate Fellowship                            2010-2014 ($3,100,000)


Australian Research Council               Building Resilience in Aceh

Linkage Grant                                     2013-2015 ($632,000)


Australian Research Council               Bushfires, social connectedness and mental health

Linkage Grant                                     2010-2015 ($1,285,047) with University of Melbourne


National Health & Medical                 Enhancing posttraumatic mental health, 2010-204 Research Council                                    ($7,010,000)                          


National Health & Medical                 Cognitive behaviour therapy for PTSD in police , Research Council                                     officers, 2009-2011 ($181,000).


Australian Research Council               Managing traumatic stress in firefighters

Linkage Grant                                     2009-2011 ($450,000)


Australian Research Council               Trauma and unwanted memories

International Linkage Grant               2008-2009 ($84,000)


National Health & Medical                 CCRE in Anxiety and Neuroscience, 2007-2011 Research Council Centre               ($2,000,000)


National Health & Medical                 Enhancing indigenous mental health, 2007-2011 Research Council                           ($1,650,000).


National Health & Medical                 Cognitive behaviour therapy for complicated grief, Research Council                                   2007-2009 ($370,000).


Australian Research Council               An integrative theory of flashback memories,

Discovery Grant                                  2006-2010 ($560,000)


Australian Research Council               Hypnosis and controlling unwanted thoughts,  Discovery Grant                                2005-2007 ($180,000)



National Health & Medical                 Enhancing posttraumatic mental health, 2004-2008 Research Council                                  ($4,770,000)


Motor Accident Authority                  Treating posttraumatic stress: a community study,

of NSW                                                2004-2005 ($70,000)


National Institute of Mental               Brief cognitive-behavioral treatment for victims of mass Health (USA)                                             violence, 2002-2003 ($850,000) with Boston University


National Health & Medical                 Enhancing treatment effectiveness in acute stress Research Council                          disorder, 2002-2004 ($290,000).


Australian Research Council               Hypnotically-induced emotional numbing, 2002-2004 Discovery Grant                                ($150,000)      


Australian Research Council               Identifying genuine and malingered PTSD:

Linkage Grant                                     Development of biologicalmarkers, 2002-2004 ($450,000)


National Health & Medical                 Acute stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder Research Council                            in injured children, 2001-2003 ($125,000)


Motor Accident Authority                  Treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and

of NSW                                               depression, 2001-2002 (93,000)


Australian Rotary Health                    Treatment of acute stress disorder, 2001-2002

Research Grant                                   ($45,000)                    


Australian Research Council               Emotional numbing following trauma, 2000-2003



National Health & Medical                 Cognitive behaviour therapy of posttraumatic stress Research Council                                 disorder, 1998-2000 ($143,000).



National Health & Medical                 Early Intervention of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, 1996- Research Council                         1997 ($105,100).